Other Tags

We don’t just tag cattle, sheep, pigs and goats!

Dalton Tags is the company of choice for leading national and international research institutes. Identification and tracking for non-agricultural animals is used in a host of conservation and educational programmes. Sharks, seals, rays, artic foxes and turtles have all been successfully identified using our quality products.

Dalton Tags offer an aquaculture tagging solution for major commercial fisheries. We can supply individual fish and box tagging to allow complete traceability through markets, distributers etc.
Arable farmers and Horticulturalists utilise visual tagging to determine varieties they produce for planting patterns both in fields, vineyards and orchard locations as well as box tags for traceability and tracking through processing plants or cold store facilities.
Non animal tag utilisation includes ID tags for inventory and warehouse management, pallet tagging, asset tracking and identification stock tags which is all possible with both visual and EID tag options. EID tags hold transponders which use RFID technology.
Pre-printed identification tags with individual details, logos and barcodes can be supplied as well as blank visual tags which can have details added with our Easy Mark permanent marker pens

For a bespoke quotation to meet your exact requirements please fill in the contact form or contact us on sales@daltontags.co.uk or telephone 01636 700990.

Dalton Tags work alongside a range of couriers who can deliver across the globe.