Cattle New Runs

Cattle ID Tags

Dalton’s FLEXO cattle ID tags are available as DEFRA approved visual new runs, electronic tags and tissue sampling tags. We offer a wide combination of both primary, secondary and management cattle ID tags to suit each individual herd requirements.

The unique design of the male and female locking mechanism of our cattle ear tags ensures free and frictionless rotation which results in less snagging. The laser marking on the FLEXO range of cattle ID tags will not deteriorate due to the exceptional quality of the plastic. Combine all this with superior elasticity and high tensile strength of the tag and you have a cattle ID tag that has a proven retention rate of 99%*

The Electronic Identification range come with all the FLEXO first class qualities along with a lifetime read.
The universal tagger has a distinctive straight line action and is suitable for the whole FLEXO cow range including BVD and DNA test tags.

*A commercial trial of 100,000 animals by Identitas determined our cattle ID tags had over 99% retention rate in the field over a given period of time.