A tag order like never bear-fore …

In June 2021, we were approached by 1300KOALAZ to produce an ear tag for Koala’s being re-released back into the wild. 1300 KOALAZ are the largest group of experienced and dedicated Volunteer Koala Carers and Rescuers in South Australia. Their mantra is “Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release”. Adelaide and Hills Koala Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation, volunteer-run koala […]

Izzi Rainey – Daltons NEW BVD Cattle Tag Brand Ambassador

We are super excited to announce that the lovely Izzi Rainey will be documenting her BVD tagging journey with tags provided by ourselves at Dalton Tags! Unfortunately Izzi has had a recent encounter with a positive BVD case on her farm after 20 years of BVD free accreditation. Never having had this issue on her […]

AHDB AgriLeader Forum Name Lanyards Provided by Dalton Tags

It was a huge honour to provide conference name lanyards for the 2022 AHDB AgriLeader Forum. Mark Campbell, AgriLeader Knowledge Exchange Manager states, “I just wanted to send a quick say a quick thank you for your help, sponsorship and support designing and producing the conference name tags for the AHDB AgriLeader Forum. The Forum […]

Orphaned Seal Rescued by RSPCA after being identified by Dalton Tag on flipper

Now for something a little different! An orphaned seal that was rehabilitated by the RSPCA after being rescued from an island in the Irish Sea in 2016, has been seen again in North Wales – this time with her nine-day-old pup.The grey seal named Admiral’s Ale was identified by the Dalton Tag in her flipper. […]

What is BVD?

What is BVD?

Do I have to test for BVD in England? No, it is not compulsory in England and Wales to have animals tested for BVD. Compulsory eradication programmes have been running in Scotland and Northern Ireland since 2013. Declan Rafferty, Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland, Suckler Farmer “I believe that BVD testing has been very beneficial for […]


Are your lambs ready for the market?  We have an exclusive offer on Sheep Tags for you to avail of. Order 101 or more tags and receive 10 FREE Dalton Tags EID Slaughter Tags or order 201+ and receive 20 FREE Dalton Tags EID Slaughter Tags . Additionally, you will receive FREE Loop Tag Applicator for first time orders over 200+. […]

Bird 1

Not Just Livestock Tags … Bird Tags

Not Just Livestock Tags … Bird Tags Here at Dalton Tags we love having something different from our normal bread and butter. We were approached by a customer for a bespoke order to help with their breeding information of Cage and Avairy birds which they also show. The tags are used to track breeding information […]


Innovation in Pig Tags

Are you experiencing hard to read ear tags?   You are not alone! Lots of farmers face this problem, especially those farming pigs in an outside setting. Challenging environments can make individual animal identification particularly difficult at times, with numbers often being misread and incorrectly recorded, resulting in increased cost to the farmer through additional […]